One key to excellent coffee is in the roasting…

liWe hand roast each coffee individually to its peak shade and flavour – using our senses to draw out optimum subtle characteristics of each bean varietal
liWe add NOTHING to our speciality beans except heat, air, and over 10 years of expertise
liWe use Cropster Software to record and help mange roast consistency and track associated cupping notes
liOur beans are air cooled – the most natural process
liWe only roast to order – we never have beans sitting on shelves waiting to be sold

While we artisan roast, we can still support large orders to produce the freshest hand-crafted coffee available

liUsing only our large roaster, we can roast approximately 1,500kg of coffee per day
liOur small roaster will roast up to 180kg per day
liOur industrial grinders and packing machine easily keep up with our roasters

Good coffee does not end with the roasting…

liWe “cup” each batch before blending the roasted beans and then “cup” again to ensure that the blend has created the desired result
liOur beans are packaged in bags with de-gassing valves to further ensure that the freshness and quality is optimal
liIf we grind, we grind to the customers’ specifications depending on how the coffee will be prepared
liWe deliver our coffee to the customer as quickly as possible after roasting so it can be enjoyed at its optimum freshness