On Main Street, Newport, Tipperary

Ponaire Barista School has been open since 2017

Ponaire's Barista School

Above our Coffee Roastery and Cáfe in the heart of Newport is our Coffee Lab, with all the facilities anyone would need for learning everything there is to know about Coffee, this is where we run our Barista Courses, with our Specialty Coffee Association SCA Certified Instructor Brendan.

Our Courses

We run both beginner and intermediate Barista Courses for everyone from the Barista wanting to up their skills, to the beginner stepping in front of a Barista Coffee Machine for the first time.

Courses are open to the Public.

The Barista Training courses are run over one or two days and cover everything from the history of Coffee, to it’s production and of course how to make the perfect espresso.

For further information on our Barista Courses or to make a booking please send an email jennifer@ponaire.ie or phone 061 373713

Upcoming Barista Courses are also listed on our Social Media pages.

Our Barista Training Courses are Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association – https://scae.com/

Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Skills Program

Knowledge for Every Stage of Your Career

The SCA’s Coffee Skills Program consists of education in the following specialties within the coffee industry:

  • Introduction to Coffee

  • Barista Skills

Together these modules of learning are known as the SCA Coffee Skills Program. Students can take advantage of learning through three stages of knowledge and skills in each module: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional.

Foundation Barista Skills Course Description

This one day course will arm you with all the required skills to make and deliver the key drinks menu for any coffee shop.  You will learn how to make a great espresso, milk texturing, and latte art.

By passing this course, you can gain 5 points towards your SCA Coffee Diploma.

The course takes place in Ponaire’s state-of-the-art Coffee Roastery, Café, Lab and Barista School in Newport Tipperary.  Ponaire has been importing raw beans from around the world and roasting award-winning coffees since 2006.  In addition to the barista skills, you will gain an insight into the growing, processing, and roasting of coffee.  You will get a tour of Ponaire’s Roastery and see a batch of coffee being roasted.

Key Topics Covered:

  •       Overview of how & where coffee is grown and processed
  •       Difference between Arabica & Robusta Coffee Beans.
  •       Setting the grinder, calibration, dosing and distributing
  •       Understanding over/under extraction and ideal extraction
  •       Channeling and how it affects the espresso shot
  •       Milk texturing
  •       Introduction to Latte Art
  •       Coffee Menu
  •       Work Station
  •       Maintenance, Cleaning, and Health & Safety

Practical and Online Exam required for Certification

Featured Coffees

We frequently add new coffees to our product range. Here are some of our current offerings.