Ponaire Decaf Coffee


Buy freshly roasted Ponaire Decaffeinated Coffee online from Ponaire Coffee Roastery, Tipperary. Chemical-free Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee.

The Swiss Water process involves soaking Green coffee beans in water, which dissolves the caffeine. Natural coffee components are then added to the water to make up for the flavour compounds that leach out of the beans along with the caffeine.

Coffee intensity
  • Origin
  • Process
    Swiss Water Process – Chemical Free
  • Cupping Notes
    Sweet with deep aroma. Medium body and acidity. Milk chocolate tones.



Freshly roasted Ponaire Decaf Coffee

Ponaire Decaf Coffee – Swiss Water Processed Single Origin Coffee from Colombia.

Very Popular. Chemical-free Swiss Water Processed decaffeinated coffee, Green coffee beans are soaked in water, which dissolves the caffeine. This product has received Gold Stars in Great Taste Awards awarded by Guild of Fine Foods.

We roast Decaffeinated coffee freshly every week.


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