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Our beans have naturally great flavours which we bring out through our expert roasting.

Our Coffees

What is unique about our coffees?

The only thing we add to the premium beans that we import is heat. Other coffee imported from roasters in Europe have a sugar compound added. Our beans have naturally great flavours which we bring out through our expert roasting.

Our roastery is all glass on the front and has windows in from the side so our customers can see what we are doing. Our facilities are clean – some might say pristine.

We roast to order – no boxes of coffee sitting around on our shelves waiting to be sold! Once we receive an order we roast, blend and package it and have it out to the customer within 3-4 days – sometimes even quicker.

We are constantly sampling new beans and doing new roasts and blends, however, the following is what we supply on a regular basis:

Costa Rica Blend

Gold Stars Great Taste Awards 2011 and 2016

A delicious blend of high altitude, shade-grown* Costa Rican beans and dark roasted Arabica beans from El Salvador.

The El Salvador beans are an Arabica blend of Paca and Bourbon varietals grown at Finca Altamira – a farm that Ponaire visited in 2015.

This blend is noted for its bright citrus and berry-like flavours in the acidity with a mild winey – spice aftertaste. A great breakfast blend. *Shade-Grown Coffee Means a Healthy Rainforest – also referred to as bird-friendly. This means the indigenous rainforest canopy has been left intact, rather than clearing the forest to maximize planting.

Many species of migratory birds, insects and other creatures such as frogs and lizards live in these shady coffee farms. By growing coffee amongst the natural fauna of the Costa Rican rainforest we ensure that the many nutrients found in roots, decomposing plant matter and the natural mineral content of the volcanic soil are all retained, further adding to our coffee’s intense flavor.

Indian Blend

Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards 2010 and 2016

A delicious blend of chocolatey Indian Monsooned Malabar beans and the intensity of dark roasted Arabica Paca and Bourbon varietals beans from Finca Altamira, El Salvador to create a wonderful coffee that can be enjoyed all day long.

According to the Great Taste judges this coffee has “a very pleasant aroma with nice warmth and depth. The aroma of the brew was equally enticing and the flavour whilst complex, and with good depth remained rounded, soft and very drinkable. This coffee had a good lingering aftertaste which held the lighter sweeter notes of coffee.”

Monsooned beans are left in open warehouses exposed to the moist monsoon winds. The raw beans are clean, plump and look more like a pale peanut than the usual “green bean”. They are best roasted to City (medium) roast, thereby retaining the “origin character”.


2 Gold Stars in Guild of Fine Foods 2013

We offer Columbian Swiss-Water processed Decaf. The Swiss water process uses only water when removing caffeine, producing water processed decaf coffee. It is an innovative 100% all-natural and chemical free coffee decaffeination process that results in great tasting decaf.

European Espresso Bean

Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards 2011 and 2012

Our European Espresso coffee is a blend of two ACE National Award winners – Honduran and El Salvador. It is a rich, strong coffee with a smooth nutty finish. It makes for a rich espresso which is great as a stand alone drink or as the basis of many other coffee drinks.

As with all our coffees, it is available in whole bean or ground.

Connoisseur Blend

Gold Great Taste Award 2009, 2010 & 2016

Our Connoisseur blends are a blend of dark roasted single estate Indonesian Java Blawan beans with medium roasted Paca and Bourbon Arabica varietals from Finca Altamira, El Salvador.

It makes for a clean cup with low acidicity from the Indonesian beans. It has a heavy body with unusual spice notes – clove and black pepper. It finishes with a hint of flowers – a consistent smooth finish.

This blend has become a favorite of many customers and is now a blend that we roast each week. Apparently other agree that this is a great blend, because our Connoisseur Blend won a GOLD in the Great Taste Awards in 2009 and again in 2010!

Organic Peru

Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards 2014 and 2016

This coffee is a medium to dark roast resulting in a bold coffee with full flavours, a rich aroma and a well balanced cup. It has hints of plum and apricots and a natural sweetness.

Certified Organic IE-ORG-03

Honduran Organic

Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Award 2016

This Honduran Medium Roasted Fairtrade coffee uses high grade Arabica beans that are small batch roasted to ensure that the natural sweet flavours are drawn out.

Cupping Notes: mild intensity, honey and nut tones with lemon brightness, hints of jasmin and tea – nearly floral.

Certified Organic IE-ORG-03


We stock the following sized bags

With De-gassing Valve for extra freshness:

  • 1 Kg

  • 500g

  • 250g

Sachet Bags:

  • 50g – 80g

If you do not see the size you want, please ask – we can source most bags within 10 days. We do custom labeling at no additional charge and will work with you to ensure that our packaging meets your needs.

Featured Coffees

We frequently add new coffees to our product range. Here are some of our current offerings.