Delivery Details & Returns Policy

Shipping & Handling Information

All Orders to a Republic of Ireland Address for goods over the value of 50 Euro receive free shipping. Orders that are split-sent to two different addresses-are considered separate orders and will be charged separate delivery charges.

Delivery Charges

Republic of Ireland

Free delivery on orders over €50.00 (before VAT)


We do not support delivery to the UK/strong>

Sending Products to a Different Address


If you wish to send your complete order to an address that is different than the billing address you provide us, simply enter the delivery address in the Shipping Information section at checkout.  Be sure to provide us a telephone number for the delivery address.

Splitting an Order Between Two Shipping Addresses

If you are splitting the order between two addresses (i.e. sending some products to one address and other products to a different address), each order will need to be entered separately. See “Sending Products to a Different Address” above for instructions on sending products to an address different than your billing address. Shipping and handling charges will be added to each order.


If you believe that goods you purchased from us are faulty, damaged, or not as described, then please contact us at and explain your problem. If you email us, we will endeavour to return your email within 24 business hours. If the issue cannot be resolved, we may ask you to return the item(s) within a reasonable time frame, with an explanation of the problem, and we will deliver a refund or rectify the problem. We need the coffee back so that we can determine what went wrong from our end so as to avoid any repeat problems. We will accept returned coffee with up to 100g missing, i.e. enough for you to determine if something is wrong.  Notification of returns must be made to within 30 days of coffee order.


Where you exercise your right to cancel an order, we will give you a refund within 30 days of the cancellation. Once an order is despatched by us though, it cannot be cancelled, but you may return it, unopened, for a refund if you find it unsatisfactory for whatever reason.