Here are perfectly roasted beans being dumped to be air cooled in Ponaire’s Roastery in Ireland.  There are not many (if any) cafes where you can see your coffee beans being roasted right in front of you.  No wonder we can offer a huge selection of speciality beans and a variety of beans from one day or week to the next.  Our roasters at Ponaire, Brendan and Shane roast five days a week.  we usually start with Organic beans first thing in the morning.  Then we move to Single Origins and end the day with our blends.  As different beans need to be roasted in specific ways to ensure that we draw our their optimum flavours and characteristics, we roast each batch to it’s custom roast profile.  We will also NEVER blend before we roast as this would roast in beans that are not properly roasted – some would be over roasted and other would be under roasted.

The importance of air cooling is so the beans can cool down naturally further allowing the flavours to properly develop.

The window into Ponaire’s roaster provides assurance to our customer that all our coffees are roasted by us – it reinforces the transparency that  separates Ponaire from other supplying or serving coffee.