Aeropress Manual Espresso Maker
The Aeropress Manual Espresso Maker is the perfect way to make a quality espresso at home without expensive equipment that takes up space in your kitchen. It’s portable, making it easy to make great coffee where ever you are.

Loads of people gifted or received home espresso machines for Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the money and space for them, they make great coffee. There is also a bit of a learning curve with them, but nothing that can’t be mastered.

There is however, a less expensive alternative: The Aeropress. It is easy to use, takes up no space or electricity and make an excellent espresso. It can be used alone with just boiled water and pre-ground coffee beans – we recommend Ponaire coffee specifically ground for Aeropress. If you want to up your game a bit, we suggest using a Hario V60 Scale with a timer and a grinder so you can grind the coffee beans fresh each time.

You can make a Barista-class Espresso in under a minute using an Aeropress
The Aeropress method is a rapid brewing process that extracts the most flavor from your beans, giving you a more rich, pure tasting coffee with no grit, no bitterness, and less acidity.
3 Simple Steps:
1. Add Ground Coffee & Water
2. Stir and Brew for about 30 seconds
3. Press Coffee into Mug and Serve.

Add Water if you want an Americano
Add hot or cold milk for a Latte
Add Ice and Water for Cold Brew

Aeropress Hints