Ponaire Sumatra Single Origin Coffee


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Coffee intensity
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  • Origin
    Northern Lintong Region of Indonesia
  • Process
    Water processed, Patio Dried
  • Cupping Notes
    Its dry fragrance is balance between sweet and berry tones, caramel sweetness and pungent hints of wood.  The wet aroma has complex sweetness with a touch of spice.


1 review for Ponaire Sumatra Single Origin Coffee

  1. Coffeenaut (verified owner)

    This is pretty good – I suggest making your brew weaker than you might do or you could start ruminating about mistakes of your 16 year old self.

    The biggest mistake was rebranding Sumatra as Indonesia. They had cool and mysterious, then elected for a medical condition to sound modern. We used to have Hibernia – you can console yourself while drinking this.

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