Ponaire Mexican Lion Boy Single Origin Coffee


With this coffee you will feel like you have been given a wondeful, warm, glowing treat.  Truely a special coffee from one of the most famous coffee growing regions of Mexico.

Coffee intensity
  • coffee
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  • Origin
    Sosonsco Region of Mexico.  Finca Chanjul.  100% Arabica - Bourbon and Catuai varietals.
  • Process
    Hand picked, hand pulped, fermented in small tanks, washed and then and dried in the sun on patios.
  • Cupping Notes
    Chocolate Aroma.  Orange, Caramel, Almond notes.  Rich Chocolate body, creamy mouthfeel and velvety finish.



Ponaire Mexican Lion Boy Single Origin Coffee

Buy Ponaire Mexican Lion Boy Single Origin Coffee Online – Single Origin Microlot Coffee from Sconusco Region of Mexico 1,400 metres. It is composed of Red Bourbon, and Catuai varietals on Finca Chanjul owned by Eduardo Esteve. Orange, Chololate, Caramel, Creamy mouthfeel & Velvety finish.


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