Ponaire Altamira Single Origin Coffee

Roasted in Newport, Tipperary in our Roastery that is designed to enable cafe customers a complete view of our roasting.  We visited this farm and the milling plant in 2016 and met the owners (the Barerra family) and the farm managers.  The farm is managed using sustainable practices and environmentally friendly processes. The coffee is grown at high altitudes on sunny slopes in beautiful El Salvador. Ponaire has sponsored the local soccer teams here and have built up a relationship with the Barerra family.

The Paca and Bourbon varietals that make up this Altamira Coffee are grown in Finca Altamira – a family farm that Ponaire has visited and met the farmers and their families. The Barerra family let nothing on the farm go to wasted, the pruned branches are used for fuel for heating and cooking in the farmers homes. The two farm managers each have a house and land on the farm.  They are almost self-sufficient with regards to being able to grow their own food and raise their own chickens and a few cattle.  The children go to the local school which was funded by the Barrera family.  Ponaire sponsors the towns land’s two soccer teams by providing their jerseys.


Altamira Soccer Team with Ponaire Logo Jerseys

Altamira Soccer Team with Ponaire Logo Jerseys


Ponaire Sponsors the two Local Soccer Teams

Ponaire Sponsors the two Local Soccer Team by providing their Jerseys

100% Arabica

Origin: Bourbon and Paca varietals from Finca Altamira, El Salvador
Process: Fully Washed, Patio Dried
Cupping: Sweet Citrus Fruits, Floral Aroma with hints of toasted almonds.  Medium acidity and body.