NEW Ponaire Burundi Shembati Estate

Freshly Roasted in Newport Co. Tipperary.

This coffee is grown at high altitudes on one of the largest farms, Mbirizi, in Burundi.

Growing Altitude: 1,750m

Varietal:  Arabica Red Bourbon

Harvest: April to June

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Dry: African Beds for 2 to 4 days in the shade and 8 to 10 days in the sun

Tasting Profile: Sweet aromas of almond, hazelnut and milk chocolate.  Full body with flavors of citrus – lemon and mandarin.

Body:  Smooth

Acidity: Bright

The story of the producer

In this country, where 95% of the coffee industry is controlled by just 2 major players, we have opted for a different sourcing method.
An entrepreneur and self-taught coffee producer, Salum is the only Burundian farmer to own his own farm and washing stations. His high-quality work has confirmed that we made the right choice when changing our sourcing method several years ago.
His farm is located in Mbirizi. It is one of the largest in the country with some 7,000 trees.
His 4 washing stations are Buzira, Shembati, Sehe and Butaganzwa. They are all located at altitudes of between 1,700 and 2,100 meters and Salum has a working relationship with over 8,700 farmers.
In order to encourage his producers to harvest only very ripe cherries, Salum pays a much higher price for one kilo of cherries than the actual market price, in a country where the standard of living is among the lowest in the world. He has also set up his own transport company to control how his coffees are transported from the washing station to the port.