Ponaire Java Blawan Single Origin


This Java Blawan Single Origin is a Speciality Coffee roasted in our roastery here in Newport Co. Tipperary.  It is a single origin coffee from Java Blawan. 100% Arabica

Coffee intensity
  • coffee
  • coffee
  • coffee
  • Origin
    Java Blawan Estate, Indonesia
  • Process
    Fully Washed, Patio Dried
  • Cupping Notes
    Rich Chocolate flavours with a  smooth, sweet finish.  Medium Acidity and Full Body.



This Java Blawan Single Origin Coffee is roasted in Newport, Tipperary in our Roastery that is designed to enable cafe customers a complete view of our roasting.  There is nothing whimsical about this coffee – it is full bodied with dark chocolate notes. 100% Arabica


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