Hario V60 Coffee Dripper – White (1-4 Cup)


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Within 3 minutes, you can brew an incredibly tasty coffee.

Makes 1-4 Cups, includes measuring scoop.  Cone is spiral with large drip hole and spiral ribs for maximum coffee expansion.  Does NOT come with the required Hario #2 filters (can be ordered here also).

  • User controls the flow, timing and temperature of the water for better brewing
  • Easy to use
  • Made in Japan

14 in stock


1-4 Cup Hario V60 Coffee Dripper 02 Ceramic

Buy Hario V60 Coffee Dripper 02 online – Perfect for brewing fresh coffee at home in 3-4 minutes. Pour-over brewing allows you to brew the coffee directly into a server or cup. Easy to use, clean and makes great cup of coffee. Uses filter ground beans.


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