Ponaire Guatemalan – Chalabal Estrella Coffee


This coffee is grown by small producers (average farm size of 1.5 hectacres) in rich volcanic soil in the southern mountain ranges between 1,200 and 1,500 metres.  These Arabica beans are of the Bourbon, Tipica, Catcurra, and Catuai varietals.  They are grown in small microlots with micro climates that are recognized for producing some of Mexico’s finest speciality coffees.

Coffee intensity
  • coffee
  • coffee
  • coffee
  • Origin
    Chalabel Estrella Estate, Chimaltenango, Acatenango.
  • Process
    Hand picked, wet milled with average of 30 hours fermention.  Pressure washed and patio dried for 10-12 days.
  • Cupping Notes
    Caramel, floral, brown sugar, nutmeg. Light strawberry acidity.  It has a creamy, round body with a clean caramel lingering aftertaste.


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Ponaire Guatemalan – Chalabal Estrella Coffee


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