8 Cup Chemex Coffee Maker with Filters & Coffee


8 Cup Chemex Coffee Maker with Filters & Coffee

For the coffee lover who truly appreciates quality and doing things right!. This hamper includes an 8 Cup Chemex Coffee Brewer, Chemex filters and 250g bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffee Single Origin Coffee specifically roasted and ground for Chemex brewing. The symbolic Chemex coffee maker has remained unchanged for 70 years, and this is set to continue. Comes with coffee beans that are ground specifically for the Chemex. A wonderful way to make great coffee at home or work.

To Use:

  1. Place the filter in the Chemex Brewer
  2. Using a pouring kettle, rinse the filter with hot water – this will pre-heat the Chemex and eliminate any paper taste from the filter
  3. Leave the filter in place and discard the water
  4. Add the ground coffee and begin brewing
  5. First extraction: pour the water over the coffee for 40 – 45 seconds, moving from the centre out to the exterior in a circular motion to completely cover the coffee with water.
  6. Total extraction tie will be between 3 1/2 to 4 minutes
  7. When the extraction has finished, remove the filter and enjoy

The Grind: Coarse (between and electric brewer and a cafetiere or press)

Quantity: Between 7 and 10 g per 100ml of water depending on the desired concentration/strength

The Water: Non-boiling (90-95 degrees C) – filtered or mineral if possible

Cup Profile: The filters thickness and the Chemex’s smooth shape and angle all extraction of a particularly powerful and aromatic coffee with a silky body.

If you would like whole bean – please specific in the notes when checking out.