About The Ponaire Barista School

Our Barista School on Main Street, in Newport Tipperary has been open since 2017

Above our Roastery and cafe in the heart of Newport is our Coffee Lab, with all the facilties anyone would need for learning everything there is to know about Coffee, here is where we run our barista training courses, with our SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Certified Instructor Brendan.

We run both beginner and intermediate courses for everyone from the barista wanting to up there skills, to the beginner stepping in front of the coffee machine for the first time. Theses courses are run over one or two days and cover everything from the history of Coffee, to it’s production and of course how to make the perfect espresso.

For further information on any of our courses or to make a booking please don’t hesitate to call or contact jennifer@ponaire.ie

Our Courses

We currently run both Beginner and Intermediate Courses, but will always try to facilitate courses to suit your needs, please feel free to contact us for any further information.