We were delighted to receive our 12th McKenna Award!  Here is what John and Sally had to say about Ponaire coffees and our team of professionals.  Each year when we receive a letter from John and Sally McKenna informing us that they have selected Ponaire as a recipient of their coveted award, we are thrilled to be recognized as the quality roasters that we strive to be each and every day of the year.  John and Sally have seen us grow from a small 2-person start up in a cold damp warehouse that flooded each time it rained to our custom built roastery, cafe, production facility with a coffee lab and professional Barista School.  We are now a team of 7 professionals and a long list of prestigious clients.  We couldn’t be happier with our steady growth and beautiful award-winning coffees.  Being able to visit the farms, meet the growers and learn about the different ways of growing and processing coffees around the world is truely a dream come true.  Coffee is a fascinating field that is constantly changing and with loads of opportunity for learning and growth.