Bob-O-Link Coffee is back. Single Origin Coffee from Brazil Mogiano Mountains at 1,00 -to 1,400 metres. It is composed of Yellow Bourbon, Red Mondo Novo and Catuai varietals grown under shade trees. The farm is owned and run by the Baretto family in harmony with the entire ecosystem. The Bob-O-Link Coffee is a result of a newtwork of farmers, located in one of the best regions for coffee in Brazil. The community has a common the vision of producing the best coffees, with sustainable agricultural methods that heavily reduce the footprints of humans, promoting harmony between man and nature. “We want the people to think beyond our borders” … the answer …”The Bob-O-Link bird flies every year from the Midwest of America to the Southeast of South America.” If we continue the vast monocultures of soybean and corn in the US and all the sugar cane in Brazil, there will be no more Bob-O-Links! Hence the naming of this coffee Bob-O-Link.
For more information and a video of the farm:

Origin: Brazil Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza
Process: Handpicked and dried on patios and/or raised beds
Cupping Notes: Well balanced with Notes of Red Fruits and Chocolate. Subtle notes of Almond and Praline. Clean stable Cup.
Awards: Winner of Gold Start in the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards 2015.