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Ponaire Coffee Beans

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Bringing the World’s Best Coffee to You

We only buy Specialty coffees beans that are carefully selected to create a full range of options that suit different ways of making and drinking coffee.


Regions and Farms

We import only high grade Arabica beans from around the world – India, Indonesia, Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, to name a few.

Ponaire's Barista School


Ponaire Barista School

Above our Roastery and cafe in the heart of Newport is our Coffee Lab, with all the facilties anyone would need for learning everything there is to know about Coffee, here is where we run our barista training courses, with our SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Certified Instructor Brendan.

Main Street, Newport, Tipperary

Our Café has been open since May 2016

The Cafe is attached to our roaster and customers can watch our roasters produce all the coffees that we serve and sell. We have plenty of seating, free wi-fi and a comfortable, friendly environment where our customers can meet with friends, family or business colleagues.

Great Taste Award

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World Coffee Prices

February 25th, 2022|

World Coffee Prices The reasons for the rising coffee prices are varied: Poor harvests in Brazil, the largest producer country, [...]

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