Gugi Highlands Single Origin Coffee Ethiopian Honey Coffee

Gugi Highlands Single Origin Coffee Ethiopian Honey Coffee


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Ponaire discovered this coffee in 2016 growing among bee hives in the ground on the farm. This is a coffee with true terrior!
Origin: Ethiopia – Gugi Highlands
Process: Dry Processed – Natural Honey
Cupping: Floral bouquet from dry ground coffee. Honey sweetness, apricot and hints of tangerine. Medium Acidity and good body and brightness

Product Description

Ponaire came across this coffee when we visited coffee farms in Ethiopia in early 2016.  While walking amongst the coffee plants, we noticed bees coming and going into the ground around us.  When we asked the farm manager about this, he explained that there were bee hives beneath the coffee plants.  We could taste the honey in the beans – true terroir!  The beans are left with some of the pulp on them to dry and are known as honey processed.


Ethiopia Coffee Plants

Brendan Looking at Hives near Coffee plants


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Whole Bean, Espresso Ground, Filter Ground, Other

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250g, 500g, 1kg


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